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Goucher College ePortfolio Questions and Topics

To watch a video tutorial on how to use your Goucher ePortfolio, click the VIDEO link next to each FAQ.


  1. How do I access my Goucher ePortfolio? (video)
  2. How do I load my picture to the Profile page of my portfolio? How do I edit my Profile page? (video) (video)
  3. What is a page? How do I add and edit a page? (video)
  4. What is a collection? How do I create a collection?  (video)
  5. My program uses a template. How to I copy a template into my ePortfolio? (video)
  6. How do I load files, documents, and images to my account to use in my portfolio? (video)
  7. How do I add education history, employment history, and other information to the Profile page of my portfolio? (video)
  8. How do I add links to my social media? (video)
  9. What are plans? How do I add them? (video)
  10. What are journals? How do I add them? (video)
  11. Can I view a sample portfolio?
  12. Are Goucher Programs in Education (GPE) resources available for students to set up and edit portfolios?
  13. How do I export my ePortfolio? (video)
  14. How do I share my portfolio with people in the Goucher ePortfolio system? (video)
  15. How do I share my portfolio with people outside of the Goucher ePortfolio system? (video)
  16. How do I see pages shared with me?




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